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Him or Her

When designing a wedding it is fair to say that the groom’s always get left out slightly, with most of the budget going on expensive venues, wedding dresses and wedding transport. It seems unfair to let the men go without! Grooms can now get their hands on a super car to drop them off to their destination a little bit faster and with a unique experience. The new HES 3 is now available for hire in several providers and is becoming a popular option for grooms looking for a car to hire for their wedding.


Wedding Dress Fitting

A quick note for the women, you will be able to get a free fitting at the fair, which can give you all your sizes. This will also be followed by a 20% discount for your dress if you buy a dress after viewing from our fair! Don’t miss out girls!

For that even more special appearance on your special day, be sure to check out some of these waist trainers:

Wedding Car Hire

At our fair we you will have an array of businesses showcasing the service they can provide. We will even have links with people looking for wedding cars Bristol, London and many other representatives from several regions of the UK. Much has changed in the recent years with new trends storming all across the UK. Gone are the days with traditional horse and carriage and now sports cars and supercars are the new form of transport, taking bride and grooms to their destinations.